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Used Lincoln Town Car For Sale Phoenix

Lincoln Town Car – From Myth to Legend

The Lincoln Town car first hit the automotive market in 1981 and lasted three full generations until its final run in 2011. Despite the fact that they are no longer in production, this full size luxury sedan is still a vehicle worth having.

If you are in the market for a full size sedan that wraps you up in luxury, style, and comfort, this is the car for you. Head over to Liberty Cars and Trucks to check out their inventory of Town Cars to find one that best suits your interests.


What the Town Car lacks in engine power and top-notch handling, it more than makes up for with its longevity. Anytime you purchase a vehicle, you want something that will provide you with durability. What is the point in purchasing a vehicle, after all, if it is just going to break down on you within a few years of ownership?

Fortunately, the Lincoln Town Car is not about to leave you stranded. In fact, just about any corner of the U.S. you look, you are likely to find a used Town Car still running just as strong as they day it was driven off the lot.

Why not get your hands on something that was built to last and wrap you in comfort all in one nice – albeit large – package? Part of what makes the Town Car such a reliable vehicle is the fact that it has a 4.6 Modular engine sitting beneath the hood.

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While not as powerful as the engine pushing several other full-size luxury sedans, the engine offers a level of frugality that is perfect for drivers on a budget. Finally, you can purchase a vehicle that is as affordable to buy as it is to drive.

And the money saving features do not stop there. The Lincoln Town Car also has relatively cheap parts. Not cheap in that they break down easily, but cheap in that they are affordable to replace should any of them require replacement.


Whereas the Town Car lacks many of the modern features that newer luxury sedans have, the one thing you can always count on is the incredible amount of space it offers. The Town Car was built to accommodate six passengers – three in the front and three in the back – more than comfortably.

Sure, you might not have the luxury of keyless entry or an electronic pull-down trunk lid, but you will have plenty of space for you, your passenger, and any other baggage you might have with you. Do you have a cartful of groceries you need to bring home? A family’s worth of luggage to bring on vacation? None of that is an issue for the Lincoln Town Car.

Driving Experience

Although there are plenty of comparable full-size luxury sedans on the market that offer the same, or perhaps even better qualities than the Town Car, it is still worth buying. In fact, there is one aspect that the Town Car outshines the competition and that is the driving expreince.

The way this car feels on the road is unforgettable. Some have described the experience akin to floating on a cloud. The experience of either driving or riding in a Town Car is as smooth as smooth can get. The soft suspension absorbs bumps in the road so you never feel a thing.


There is yet another aspect that the Town Car does not lack and that is character. The Town Car boasts plenty of character that is hard to ignore. It offers an almost old-timely feel that reminds you of the days when you were young riding in the back of your grandparent’s vehicle.

Perhaps the most notable characteristic of the Town Car is that it is the last and best example of what it means to own a true American vehicle. Despite the seemingly ancient body-on-frame construction, this unique vehicle is more a more than meets the eye kind of deal.

Sure, you might feel like you need a boating license to operate this beast, but the characteristics of the Lincoln Town Car far outweigh any of the negatives you might find with this vehicle. Aside from that, incredible power and speed does nothing to overpower the fact that the Town Car will literally make you feel as though you are floating on Cloud Nine.

Fun Fact

As previously mentioned, the Lincoln Town car has a body on frame design. In fact, it is the last luxury car ever made in the U.S. to use that construction. Head on over to Liberty Cars and Trucks today to own a true piece of American History. You will not be disappointed.


Despite its halted production, the Lincoln Town Car has not seen the end of the line. Many people still enjoy owning and driving one to this day. The Town Car holds strong to a 4.6 out of a 5-star rating, which is higher than some newer, more modern cars on the market.

The rating is based on the testimonials of some extremely pleased Town Car owners and drivers.

Ornery – Lincoln Town Car Owner

“Why is the Panther platform the 1st choice for patrol cars, taxi, and livery service? For the very same reason it’s MY 1st choice! Built like a bull, quest as a mouse and smooth as a…panther. I repair my own cars as much as possible and these cars break down the least of any, and when they do, they’re cheap and easy to fix. Not to mention the inherent safety of a full size, body on frame vehicle. Just took delivery of a 2006 Designer and it’s no different than my previous Town Cars and Grand Marquis’ in comfort and roominess. This platform has been tweaked to perfection as far as drive-ability.”

Furley – Lincoln Town Car Owner

“This car is a commuters dream; I drive from Scranton to NYC daily and I must say this is the best car for commuting ever! I have had other cars nothing compares to the Lincoln Town Car. I would say for the price I paid, and the fact that any garage anywhere can do a quick service on it without any difficulty is perfect for me. I love the ride, it is perfect for NYC potholes. The car has 200,000 miles on it everything still works. No problems at all. BEST FEATURES: Awesome sound system with XM – Auto climate control – push buttons on the steering wheel – auto raise lowering trunk – comfortable seats – air ride – large sun roof. WORST FEATURES: Lincoln TC has been like it is since 2003; redesign is in order.”


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