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Used Toyota Tundra for sale Phoenix

Everything You Need to Know About the Purchase of a Toyota Tundra

Whether you are looking to purchase a new or preowned vehicle, there are certain factors you need to take into consideration. If you are interested in purchasing a full-size truck, there are plenty of reasons to consider the Toyota Tundra.

Upon its introduction in 2000, the Toyota Tundra became the first ever full-size truck made by a foreign auto manufacturing company and released in the United States. Toyota has a long standing history for providing dependable, quality vehicles, which is just one good reason to purchase a Tundra.


If you want a full-size truck capable of heavy hauls, check out the Toyota Tundra at Liberty Cars and Trucks. The first generation Tundra, which pertains to model years 2000 to 2006, gained size on the former Toyota T100, but it still seemed rather small compared to most domestic pickup trucks. In truth, the older model Tundra is often a great choice if you are looking for the features of a full-size truck while wanting something a bit smaller.

Larger pickup trucks may seem hard to handle if you have never driven anything that size before. Because the Tundra is on the smaller end of full-size trucks, some might argue that it is a mid-size truck. If this is your first time deciding to drive a full-size truck, you will quickly discover that the Tundra, whether first or second generation, is the perfect decision.

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Under the hood of the Toyota Tundra, you will find plenty of power. The first generation Tundra seemed a bit underpowered when pitted against well-known domestic stalwarts, including those produced by Chevy, Dodge, and Ford.

However, the redesigned second generation Tundra, which released in 2007, gained the power and size needed to keep up with American competition. In fact, a second generation Tundra, which is dated as anything between 2007 to the present, may contain he following engines:


  • • 4.0 L (236 HP)
  • • 4.0 L (270 HP)
  • • 4.7 L (276 HP)
  • • 4.6 L (310 HP)
  • • 5.7 L (381 HP)

A first generation Tundra, however, may include the following engines:

  • • 3.4 L (190 HP)
  • • 4.0 L (236 HP)
  • • 4.7 L (245 HP)
  • • 4.7 L (271 HP)
  • • 4.7 L (282 HP)

The power capabilities of the Tundra you choose will surely depend on the year. However, the model itself proves so capable that the year does not even matter.


Toyota has always held the safety of the driver and the passengers in high standard. That is why the Tundra comes equipped with dual front airbags, side curtain airbags with rollover sensing in both the front and rear rows, and side torso airbags in the front row. Other standard safety features you will find on a Tundra include:


  • • Brake assist
  • • Anti-lock brakes
  • • Traction control
  • • Vehicle stability control
  • • Electronic brakeforce distribution


By the year 2010 and all following years after, Toyota equipped the Tundra with a knee airbag for both the driver and front passenger.

The Tundra is an all-around excellent choice if you are seeking safety in a full-size truck. The Tundra earned a place in history as the first full-size truck to gain the Top Safety Pick accolade. The reliability and standard safety features of this truck are hard to beat, even by some of the best known domestic trucks on the market.

Additional Features

One additional features that often lures truck buyers to the Tundra is its towing capabilities. It is most certainly a powerhouse deserving of recognition. It has the capability of towing massive hauls, making it one of the industry’s leaders in towing power. In truth, when you consider the purchase of the truck, you are likely looking for features such as the ability to tow a car or trailer. If you simply wanted something to drive to and from, you would look more toward a car rather than a truck.

The Tundra offers incredible features that make it a worthwhile purchase. If you would like to take a closer look to see how those features might benefit you, reach out to Liberty Cars and Trucks today. A professional can help setup a test drive so you can determine if the Tundra is what you are looking or in a full-size truck. Once you climb behind the wheel of the truck, you will surely discover that it has just about everything you want and need.

Fun Fact

If for some reason you still doubt that the Tundra is powerful enough to handle anything you could throw its way, take into consideration that it can tow a space shuttle. A 2012 Toyota Tundra hauled the Endeavour space shuttle over an L.A. freeway so that it could be delivered to the California Science Center


The Toyota Tundra is no stranger to various accolades. The 2015 Toyota Tundra received Best Overall Value of the Year Award from Intellichoice. It also received Best Resale Value Award from Kelley Blue Book. The Tundra is known as a smart consumer purchase for anyone looking to climb behind the wheel of an incredible, reliable vehicle.


You can read whatever you want about the Toyota Tundra. You can scroll through awards, safety ratings, and other standard bits of information. However, your most reliable source of information will always come from the people who own and drive a vehicle themselves. If you really want to know how the Tundra performs, talk to someone who has one. Many of the reviews left by Tundra owners show that it is deserving of a spot in your garage or driveway. With a 4.75 out of a 5-star rating based on several customer reviews, the Toyota Tundra is about as close to perfection as you can possibly get.

John Baich – Toyota Tundra Owner "Living in Colorado Rocky Mountains can demand a lot of its residents and their vehicles. The Tundra is clearly up for the challenge."

Matt – Toyota Tundra Owner "I’ve owned many different brands and styles of pickups. I’ve never been as impressed with this TRD Pro! Made a trip across the country in it, and everywhere I went, it turned heads and started conversations. I’ve not been off road as much as I would like, but what I have, I have not been disappointed. The suspension is comfortable and well balanced. I looked for a truck where I didn’t have to do anything to it to make it work like I needed it to. This is definitely it! The Toyota hit one out of the park with this truck!"


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