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Used Honda Civic For Sale Phoenix

Used Honda Civic in Phoenix

For more than 40 years, Honda Civics upheld a reputation for being a dependable, fuel efficient, and a car that is very environmentally friendly. When compared to other vehicles of its kind, a used Honda Civic in Phoenix retained its value, have less CO2 emissions and possess leading fuel efficiency. Additionally, Civics are known for their sporty features and high performance on the road. Because Honda Civics have been in existence for a long time, as a buyer, you will find that it is easy to purchase a dependable used Civic in Phoenix to meet your budget needs.

Below is some information about choosing the right used Honda Civic in Phoenix for you:

Transmission - A used Civic in Phoenix will come with a transmission, that is either automatic or manual. Apart from being easy to use, automatic transmissions enjoy better gas mileage, especially for the urban buyer. While on the other hand, customers looking for power and sportiness will appreciate the benefit of a manual transmission. The latter type of used Honda Civic in Phoenix features a five or six-speed transmission, clutch pedal and a manual stick shift. In addition to a manual and automatic transmission, some used Honda Civic in Phoenix will come with a semi-automatic transmission.

Body Style - When you visit Liberty Cars and Trucks, you will notice that there are many used Honda Civic in Phoenix but with different body styles. When finding the right model for you, you can choose between a hatchback Civic, two doors, or four doors. If you are in the market for the sporty look, then the two door model is best, while the hatchback Civics have more cargo space.

Fuel Economy - Some used Honda Civic in Phoenix runs on petrol, while others are diesel powered. The newer used Honda Civics in Phoenix may use a combination of petrol and electricity and are considered the most environmentally friendly in addition to being fuel efficient.

At Liberty Cars and Trucks, we have a wide selection of models to choose from if you are in the market for a used Honda Civic in Phoenix. While our professional and experienced staff is ready to help, we share below some useful tips when shopping for a used Civic in Phoenix.

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Tips When Buying a Used Honda Civic in Phoenix

Buying a used Honda Civic in Phoenix, just like buying many other used cars is not the same has heading to a dealership and picking out a vehicle straight from the production line. There are some things that a customer should keep in mind when visiting our lot to purchase a used Honda Civic in Phoenix.


Tip #1 - There are benefits to choosing a used Honda Civic in Phoenix

Among the decisions to be made when buying a vehicle is whether to go for a new car or a used one. One of the benefits of a used Honda Civic in Phoenix as oppose to a new one is its affordability and depreciation value. There is no doubt that a new vehicle is far more expensive; but also a new car depreciates quicker than used Civics. Once you buy a new car and drive out of the dealership, it immediately loses value.

Many used car buyers are concerned about getting the best deal. If you are thinking of buying a used Honda Civic in Phoenix, the first thing you should ask the sales person about is the history of the vehicle. The history report of the car will show the maintenance, accidents, and repairs of the vehicle in question. From the history report, you can come to an informed decision about which used Honda Civic in Phoenix you will buy. Another way of getting a deal is to check the Kelley Blue Book on the Civic you want to purchase.


Tip #2 - Choose the right model when buying a used Honda Civic in Phoenix

There are some models of the Civic that are renowned for their sportiness and others that are known for efficiency in fuel. If you want to buy a used Honda Civic in Phoenix, you must understand that there are different models of this car and your choice will depend on your preference for performance, body style, or the fuel economy. At Liberty Cars and Trucks, we carry different models of used Honda Civic in Phoenix and will work with you and your needs.


Tip #3 - Test drive the car

Even if you use to own a used Honda Civic in Phoenix and you are getting the same model, or you have done a lot of research, it is still important to test drive a vehicle before signing on the dotted line. During your test drive look out for the following: Consider the comfort of the steering, acceleration and the brakes of the car; Check the major features, such as air condition, turn signals, radio, etc. are working.


Tip #4 - Choose Liberty Cars and Trucks for your Used Honda Civic in Phoenix

Used Honda Civics in Phoenix are in high demand. At Liberty Cars and Trucks, we carry a good selection of Civics to meet your preference in style, utility, and budget. Visit our lot or call to schedule an appointment today. We look forward to being your dealership of choice for your next used Honda Civic in Phoenix.

Testimonials of the Honda Civic

The Honda Civic has enjoyed the "Car of the Year" awards many times. Below are some of the testimonials of owners.

Honda Girl- Honda Civic 2014 owner

"Excellent value for the money, Honda reliability and resale. CVT takes some getting used to, very good MPG with or without the Econ feature activated, awesome highway car!This is my second Honda Civic. I replaced my 1994, also purchased new, one year ago. I love this car, especially the backup camera and handling. The ride over some city streets is a bit choppy, but the OEM tires probably contribute to that. I find it a joy to drive on the highway without the road noise or driving fatigue that I experienced with my smaller old Civic. The CVT shifts smoothly and is different than a conventional automatic transmission, but I have not had any of the problems that some people mention. I like the sound system and being able to interface my IPad with the audio display. The build quality is solid without any squeaks or rattles. I would recommend Honda to anyone thinking about purchasing a new car."

MRM- Honda Civic 2010 Owner

"I purchased this car new in 2010. I have almost 190,000 miles on it and have had to put no problems with it whatsoever. I drive it for work, so I put a lot of miles on it. No major repairs (other than an $400 oil pan after Walmart's service technicians ruined my oil pan after an oil change). Now, I take the car to repair facilities that I trust, and I have not had any more repairs. The only thing that I do faithfully keep up with regular maintenance such as oil changes, tire replacements, brakes and batteries (have had to put two batteries in it). I took the car on a 7-hour (14-hour round trip) road trip with 180,000 miles and no problems at all. It is very reliable."


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