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Used BMW Mini Cooper For Sale Phoenix

BMW Mini Cooper

Regarding transmission, the first generation Cooper came standard with a 5-speed manual stick shift, and the S was loaded with a 6-speed shift transmission. By 2005, the Mini Cooper got a refreshed look with higher quality material.

When buying a used BMW Mini Cooper in Phoenix that was made in this generation, you should know that at the time BMW gave car owners many options to personalize their vehicles. This included body strips, roof and mirror colors and a number of alloy wheel designs. At that time the standard was not standard and so used Coopers from this generation may all have varying personalization.

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Why Should You Buy a Used BMW Mini Cooper in Phoenix?

If you have an interest in the purchase of a used BMW Mini Cooper in Phoenix, the following pros will help with your decision:

A great car to drive - The primary factor that many buyers look for a used BMW Mini Cooper is because they look so enjoyable to drive. Once you get behind the wheel, you will understand the hype. They can drive fast, make turns without a problem, and can almost park anywhere. If you were to buy a used BMW Mini Cooper in Phoenix, you would enjoy driving this compact and stylish car.

Customization - While shopping around for a used BMW Mini Cooper in Phoenix, you will notice that each will have varying customization options. So after buying a Mini, you will come to realize that you own a one of a kind used BMW Mini Cooper in Phoenix.

Affordable – Although BMW is known for its luxury vehicles, buying a used Cooper in Phoenix is affordable, and prices will vary depending on the level of customization that the previous owner put into it.

Low Maintenance – If you own a used BMW Cooper in Phoenix, there is no need to obtain an oil change, frequent maintenance, etc. The Mini is built for low maintenance and is designed to give you value for money.

Terrific gas mileage - Despite the fact that MINI automobiles utilize premium gas, it does provide decent gas mileage. As the owner of a used BMW Mini Cooper in Phoenix, a full tank of gas can keep the vehicle going for a while. So while the gas is more expensive, you will get far more mileage out of your Cooper.

High resale worth - As the owner of a used BMW Mini Cooper in Phoenix, you should know that if you decide to sell, the Cooper enjoys a high re-sale value. As long as the vehicle is in good shape and there are no problems, if you choose to sell your used BMW Cooper, you will get more equity than with another vehicle. So if you change cars often, this is a fantastic benefit of the Cooper.


Fun Facts About a Used BMW Mini Cooper in Phoenix

Here are some fun facts about the BMW Mini Cooper:

The four members of the Beatles were all owners of the BMW Mini Cooper vehicle.

BMW have sold more than 1 million Mini Coopers.

The Mini Cooper was featured in the famous movie “The Italian Job” which included some intense car chases.

Wow! Interesting information to share with those admiring your used BMW Mini Cooper in Phoenix.


Awards – Used BMW Mini Cooper in Phoenix


If you buy a used BMW Mini Cooper in Phoenix, you will be glad to know that the brand enjoys the following awards:


These are just some of the awards that the used BMW Mini Cooper in Phoenix holds. There is no doubt that this is an award-winning stylist machine.


Read the Reviews Before Buying a Used BMW Mini Cooper in Phoenix

Guypou– 2015 BMW Mini Cooper (2dr Hatchback)

"I am very pleased so far. Build quality and design make it a great deal to own. It came with 16 inches run flat tires, so the ride is on the firm side but more compliant than the previous model I had. I must admit that on deteriorated pavements at low speed it is not where it shines. Otherwise the drive is rewarding. The options include most packages except HK radio, connectivity, and GPS; the leather seats are nice and comfortable. I used to drive in a more spirited way; the green setting made me Zen to some point, so I get an average of 35 mpg in mix driving so far. After one year and 10000 miles, I got a real average of 33.6 mpg on a mostly city driving which is impressive; the computer indicates around 35. The sports seats with leather option are comfortable but non-tilt adjustable which is a major issue, since leather and sports seats are a 2000$ option. Technology is very basic, there is no backup camera, etc., I would have expected more on a car with that price tag. Keep on driving, at the wheel; you are in another world."


Phil E Souder– 2014 Mini Cooper

"Always wanted a fast car, and this is it. When the turbo kicks in the hold on. This is the culmination of years of go cart desires, exact the world is your track. We took a 45 day trip around the US, 10,000 plus miles, fun, fun and more fun. Plenty of room for the 2 of us and all our luggage. Best of all you learn how to pack. One of the best cars I have ever owned. Thanks BMW for making this possible. The car is a convertible, not a hatchback."


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Used BMW Mini Coopers in Phoenix are vehicles that you will love. At Liberty Cars and Trucks, we cater to your preference in style, functionality, and budget. If we don’t have what you are looking for, we can source it for you. We look forward to being your used car dealership of choice for your next used BMW Mini Cooper in Phoenix.


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