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Buying a Used Truck in Casa Grande

Before you buy a used truck in Casa Grande, AZ...

There are a few things to consider before buying. You’ll find every kind of vehicle out there, from beat up trucks selling for parts to pimped out trucks made for car shows. It’s assumed that you’ll ask the current owner as many questions about the condition, performance and vehicle history report before buying. But sometimes a few inspection questions are overlooked.

When buying a Used Truck, look underneath…

As you inspect, remember to bring a flashlight and wear comfortable clothing that you won’t mind getting dirty. If possible, inspect in daylight. It’s imperative that you look underneath vehicle for visible signs of disarray. An alternative is to take the truck to a place where it can be raised. Some shops in Casa Grande, AZ will inspect a vehicle for free or for a small fee.

• Look for leaks and damage to the underside (repairs are often not visibly apparent)
• Check the brake system and steering components and mechanisms.
• Surface rust on a used truck frame, axle and springs are common. If you can punch a hole through the metal, or the metal has become rusty or brittle, then move on to a different truck because you’re dealing with structural rust.

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  If you aren’t comfortable inspecting a used truck, then have someone else inspect it for you. Experienced mechanics can give you an estimate of what the repairs will cost before you consider buying. A typical inspection will cost you around a $100. Although this may seem expensive, this can save you thousands in the long run.

Don’t be deceived by shiny stuff…

Used trucks can have shiny wheels and chrome add-ons, bright after-market led light systems, lift kit or bass thumping stereo systems. Ignore those features until you know what’s underneath the trim.

• The new paint job may be an awesome masterpiece, but what was reason for it? Was the original surface dull, with scratches, or was it rusty?
• Does it look like it was driven off-road? How hard was it driven? A high percentage of trucks don’t ever leave the pavement, but the ones that do are often banged up and need many parts replaced.

Don’t buy a used vehicle that’s more than you need…

When you make your inspection you need to evaluate your needs before your wants and desires. Most people cannot buy outright and need to make payments. Making payments and paying for repairs is a part of reality and cannot be avoided. It’s best to jot down a list of your wants and needs before buying.

• Is fuel mileage important, or are you willing to trade MPG for more power to tow and haul?
• Is it going to be a family or a work truck?
• How many passengers will you be hauling?
• Is the truck going to be used for off-road purposes and require a 4x4 drive-train?
• Does the transmission have to be automatic or can you live with manual?
• Which bells and whistles and accessories are must-haves and which ones can you live without?
• Has there been any recalls?
• Write these things down and check them off while buying a used truck.

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Ask to see a CARFAX report. It makes buying more worry free…

A squeaky clean CARFAX report does not guarantee that a used truck is worry free. However, it is a reliable way of determining whether or not the vehicle is going to be a bad investment. At Liberty Cars and Trucks all our vehicles come with a free CARFAX report. Come check out our newest selection of used trucks before purchasing your next vehicle.

Check out a dealers BBB Business Review…

Let's face it, there are many shady auto dealers in Casa Grande, Arizona. Who can you trust? By visiting the Better Business Bureau's website, you will see the business rating of every registered member. If a rating is outstanding, then you've come to the right place. Check out our Better Business Bureau


Buying a Used Truck in Casa Grande - Car City

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